Personal Income Tax (T1)

At Duffin Martin Tax & Accounting we understand that filing your personal income tax return can be stressful and difficult. Situations can be varied and complex depending on the circumstances of you and your family members. We are here to help maximize your tax deductions so you can obtain your highest potential refund or lowest tax debt. We have the expertise to help you understand and manage your financial future.

Struggling with what to bring when filing your personal income tax return?

Download and print our T1/personal income tax return checklist.

Use this form to report either business or professional income and expenses. For each business or profession, complete a separate Form T2125 and file it with your income tax and benefit return. For more information on how to complete this form, see Guide T4002, Business and Professional Income.

Use this form if you are an employee and your employer requires you to pay expenses to earn your employment income. In order to qualify for employment expenses you must have a signed form T2200, Declaration of Conditions of Employment. Guide T4044, Employment Expenses, has information to help you complete this statement.

This form is used by rental property owners to report their rental income and expenses for income tax purposes. For more information on how to complete this statement, see Guide T4036, Rental Income.

For more information, see line 127 in the General Income Tax and Benefit Guide and Guide T4037, Capital Gains. Attach a copy of this schedule to your return.

This form is used by an individual to request an adjustment (a reassessment) to an individual income tax return. Send the completed form to the tax centre as indicated on your notice of assessment for the year being adjusted.

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This is my first year filing my taxes in BC, I have lived in Ontario my whole life prior to this. I had lots of questions and Duffin’s team answered all of my questions. I am the type of customer who likes to be educated along the way, and staff was happy to educate. On top of this, she got my spouse and I great returns in a timely fashion. Her pricing is very reasonable, and considering I dropped my documents off with only a week left until the deadline… I was extremely happy with the service and price. Highly recommend them to anyone!

Michelle Farrugia

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